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Suicide is what you do when you don’t have any cards to play.
— Mike Cernovich


Location: Los Angeles
Date: Friday, 27th Sep 2019
Company: cernovich.com
Role: Writer, filmmaker, and journalist

When the news broke of Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide, eyebrows were raised. The disgraced hedge fund manager was embroiled in one of the most high profile cases of recent times. Accused of sex trafficking, Epstein was believed to hold damaging information on some of the worlds most influential people.

Just a month before Epstein's death he was found unconscious in his cell with marks on his neck. These events have led to suggestions that Epstein should have been on suicide prevention watch, and thus under 24-hour surveillance.

To add to the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, just one day before the alleged suicide, Mike Cernovich and the Miami Herald managed to unseal over 2000 documents related to the Epstein case. This followed a lengthy court case and included references to private events on Caribbean islands and naming Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Marvin Minsky, Jean-Luc Brunel and many others as close contacts of Epstein.

In this interview, I talk with Mike Cernovich about his investigation into Jeffrey Epstein, and how he filed a motion to unseal over 2,000 previously sealed documents. We also discuss fake news, Antifa, Bitcoin and the education system.

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  • 00:00:00 - Show Intro

  • 00:02:12 - Welcoming Mike to the show

  • 00:07:03 - Epstein

  • 00:13:00 - Why the Miami Herald were attributed with most of the credit for Epstein

  • 00:14:47 - Ghislaine Maxwell and lack of interest in prosecuting

  • 00:21:52 - Epstein, blackmail and the intelligence community

  • 00:24:28 - Epstein suicide

  • 00:27:52 - Prince Andrew & Virginia Roberts

  • 00:32:19 - Independent journalism

  • 00:37:17 - How bad behaviour occurs

  • 00:47:03 - Left wing suspicions

  • 00:50:01 - Kevin Hart, the Oscars and cancelling people

  • 00:52:43 - Hypocritical positions

  • 00:55:04 - Media bias

  • 01:04:37 - The Strangest Secret in the World

  • 01:06:48 - Mike’s world view

  • 01:11:38 - Education system

  • 01:12:56 - Antifa

  • 01:26:32 - Bitcoin


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